Social Media Management

Is social media right for your business?

Absolutely! Being active and engaging with customers online is a must in a time where the average person spends upwards of 2 hours per day browsing social media platforms.

Being active on social platforms increases your brand awareness and allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level through responding to messages and comments. This creates an all around better experience for your customers and influences them to keep you top of mind. When you have a strong connection with your customers, they are not only more likely to make repeat purchases through you, but they also become more likely to recommend you to friends and family. 

With 94% of consumers indicating that they are more likely to recommend a brand with which they are emotionally engaged, generating interaction, and building trust through the same, should be a key element of your digital marketing strategy.


What is our process?

Firstly, we will start by asking you some important questions. Things such as “who are your customers?” and “what are your primary and secondary goals?”. With this in mind we will define your target market and choose the KPI’s that we will track.

The next step is to audit your current social media accounts and find where improvements and adjustments can be made. After looking at your current profiles we will build a strategy. Our strategy includes what platforms we will use, how often we will post, what type of content we will use, our target market and more.

Next, we set-up and optimize your social profiles making sure that they are all displaying accurate information relating to the business. Not only will this help with SEO but it will build brand consistency which customers look for when determining whether or not they trust a brand.

Each month we will provide you with a report which will overview the previous month and show where improvements have been made.


Social Media Facts

  • Customers are likely to spend 21% more if they receive good customer service via social media.
  • There are 3.5 billion active social media users