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The Client

Valley Waste & Recycling is a family-owned, Chilliwack based, waste and recycling management company. They’ve been serving the Fraser Valley for over 20 years with services including curb side garbage and recycling pickup, hydro-excavation, portable toilet rental services and more.

Valley Waste & Recycling has maintained consistent growth since inception while contributing heavily to their surrounding communities. Customer service has always been a top priority for them. However, they had never put much thought into building an online presence. With their customer base in a consistent growth phase, they decided to make things easier for their customers to connect with them. They decided to put an emphasis in developing brand awareness online and creating a positive and user-friendly experience.

The Objective

Valley Waste & Recycling recognized that their website was not user friendly. Instead of having a seamless and quick online entry point into their company, the opposite was true. People often found the experience to be slow and confusing to navigate. Their website was causing current and potential customers to have a poor experience. This was a noted sore point and became a priority for them to fix.

Along with user experience, Valley Waste also wanted to be more easily accessible online and to increase their overall brand awareness. With Valley Waste recognizing that digital marketing is an excellent method for increasing brand awareness, they came to us with a single goal in mind to improve their online presence. We crafted a plan that included the development of a modern website, a new social media strategy, and a focus on search engine optimization (SEO).

The Approach

With the goal of driving brand awareness online as a primary focus, we began with an audit of their social profiles, website, and SEO strategy. As the existing Valley Waste website was a primary source of producing dissatisfied customers, we made addressing that our priority.

With discoveries made in the website audit now documented, we moved to a strategy session focused on ways to rectify these high-priority areas. We used this information to build a clean and purposeful website that conveys accurate information and is now a valuable resource to both potential and returning customers.

Next, we performed an audit of their current SEO rankings, taking focus on a few of their top keywords. We then did a competitor analysis and used that data to begin optimizing the website and search results for these valuable keywords.

Along with the keyword research and website redesign, we implemented a light social media strategy. This included organically eliciting reviews and restructuring their social profiles. The goal for social media was to provide educational and informative content to customers on a monthly basis while also managing the community. We supplemented this organic social strategy with a paid approach which helped to bring brand recognition to Valley Waste and in turn increase their following.

The Results.

Since beginning with Valley Waste & Recycling we have implemented a number of changes that have drastically improved both user-experience and overall brand awareness online. With the development of a new user-friendly website and an effort to improve rankings on search engines we were able to drive organic traffic by over 50% while improving their rankings for various industry specific keywords.

Through the implementation of our social media strategy and consistent posting of quality content we managed to dramatically increase their traffic from social media while more than doubling their social media following.


Increase in Traffic from Social Media


Increase in Organic Website Traffic

Increase in Facebook Page Likes

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