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The Client

Travois Vans is a North American retailer of custom campervans and related accessories. Over the years, they’ve built a strong reputation in their industry and strive to provide their customers with the top brands in campervan accessories at unbeatable prices.

In 2020, we partnered with their West Coast division to develop a targeted digital advertising strategy to help them better connect with their customers online and drive sales through their newly introduced e-commerce website.

The Objective

Having recently launched a new e-commerce website, Travois wanted to build awareness around this new shopping platform and leverage their existing North American brand reputation to generate sales.

Travois understood that their existing marketing strategy was lacking from a digital perspective, specifically when it came to utilizing paid advertising on Facebook and Google to better reach both warm and cold audiences.

With a clear goal in mind, Travois approached us to build and implement a digital ads strategy that would attract website visitors and most importantly, promote the sales of their Campervan Seat Swivels.

The Approach

We began by doing a deep dive into the competitive landscape to truly understand the key benefits customers get when shopping with Travois. 

Understanding their competitive advantages and using previous customer data, we were able to build custom, highly targeted audiences which were used to attract the right customers, preventing any waste of advertising budget.

We also set up a number of retargeting ad campaigns to recapture the attention of website visitors who had expressed interest in making a purchase by adding a product to their cart, but who didn’t follow through with completing the online checkout.

Utilizing various forms of data enabled us to effectively map the customer journey and ensure that our ads were compelling, engaging, and appropriately placed in front of the intended target audience.

The Results.

With a well-targeted digital ads strategy in place, we started seeing results almost immediately. As a result, we increased revenue through the e-commerce store by over 26% while generating a highly profitable cost per purchase of $43.92. Our campaigns created a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 17.46 for the campaign period.


Increase in Revenue

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Cost Per Purchase

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