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The Client

Lucid Media Productions is a photography and videography company that works in a variety of industries including real estate and commercial/promotional, however, they are best known for their carefully crafted and fully customized event and weddings videos.

In 2015 Lucid Media Productions officially launched, and in 2019 they decided to take their business to the next level with a shift in focus to their marketing – building brand awareness online and acquiring new leads through their website.

The Objective

Being a new small business can be very tough and in a competitive market it can be challenging to stand out and acquire new clients. Lucid Media Productions was finding that they were being overlooked and not being found in the ranks on Google and Facebook. They had taken a very minimal approach to marketing and were generating all their business through word of mouth.

Knowing that it was time to focus on their marketing, Lucid Media approached us with a challenge. They wanted to increase their overall brand awareness, website traffic, and number of contact form submissions from their website.

The Approach

As Lucid Media Productions was a relatively new business, our goal was to drive brand awareness online and get members from their target market to visit their website. To do this we built a complete digital marketing strategy including a focus on local SEO, Website Development, and Digital Ads.

We began with an audit and re-construction of their website to clearly display their information – including video/photo samples, pricing, and a clear call-to-action that made it simple for potential customers to connect and find out more info. We also re-worked each pages copy and back-end to maximize rankings for their most popular keywords.

In conjunction with our work on the website, we used a paid ads strategy to increase traffic and hyper target potential customers. This led to an increase in qualified and intent-driven customers visiting the website to learn more.

The Results.

The results we saw came almost instantly. Organic traffic on the site dramatically increased and form submissions started flooding in. With this increase in form submissions Lucid Media was able to more than double their bookings for 2019 and begin booking into 2020.


Increase in Form Submissions


Increase in Unique Visitors


Increase in Pageviews

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