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The Client

Kim Gemmell is a Fraser Valley based author, public figure, and inspirational speaker who has a diverse knowledge and understanding of how to battle adversity and remain positive. Through life’s journey she shares her trials and tribulations, included with some great triumphs along the way.

As a public speaker Kim has a fantastic resume in public speaking, writing, and working alongside nonprofits in her community. In 2017 Kim decided to take her business to the next level by establishing her brand and working towards building a portfolio as a credible motivational speaker.

The Objective

Starting out as a public speaker and author can be a very tough task, and in a competitive market it can be challenging to stand out, build an audience, and secure speaking engagements. Kim had a great resume having launched her successful book “Bravery” and speaking at multiple events, including several for local non-profit organizations. For Kim, speaking was a true passion and she wanted to impact as many people as she could, sharing her stories and using them as an opportunity to inspire others. 

Knowing that she was ready to take it to the next level, Kim approached us with a task. Her goal was to establish her brand through the development of a logo and business cards, build a website with an extensive blog, and increase her digital awareness through SEO and social media.

The Approach

As Kim was developing herself as a new brand, our goal was to drive awareness to her credentials and get individuals interested in learning more about her story and why she was someone they would want to hear from frequently. To do this we built a complete digital marketing strategy including a focus on SEO, website development, the creation of an extensive blog, and implementation of a social media strategy.

We began with the construction of a website that conveyed her brand, positive attitude, and bubbly personality. We then conducted an extensive SEO audit and researched the industry to better understand what techniques were being applied by other public figures and to find the gaps in Kim’s strategy. We applied our learnings to Kim’s SEO strategy and created a platform for Kim to produce blog content. We optimized the blog weekly, and ensured it achieved maximum reach. 

In combination with our work on the website, search engines, and blog, we executed a social media strategy to allow Kim to distribute more content and begin connecting on a more personal level with fans of her book and motivational speaking. This led to an increase in overall interest around her story and resulted in growth in the number of likes, comments, shares, and clicks through to her blog and website.

The Results.

Upon executing our digital strategy, Kim received multiple public speaking engagement offers including an invitation to speak at the TEDx Chilliwack conference. This opportunity opened many doors and allowed her to develop deep relationships in the community. The following year Kim was invited to offer her insights as a coach and mentor for future TEDx speakers and has continued to do this annually since.

On top of increasing the number of speaking engagement offers, we helped Kim develop herself as an influencer throughout the Fraser Valley, increasing her social media followers, engagement with her content, and the development of hundreds of pieces of content including blogs, social posts, podcast episodes, and motivational speaking videos.

Years as TEDx Speaker/Mentor


Increase in Minutes of Content Viewed


Organic Increase in Facebook Page Likes

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