Why is Digital Marketing Important for Small Business?

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If you read our blog from earlier this year, giving you some of the biggest marketing trends from last year, then you know that the world of marketing has continued to make major shifts towards digital. With this in mind, having a well-developed digital marketing strategy for your business has never been more important.

Most small business owners launch with their main focus being getting sales in any way possible.

This generally leads to the business owner utilizing more traditional marketing channels such as print ads, mailers, and cold calls.

While these methods can bring in business, there is a better, easier, and lower cost method.

What is the method? Digital marketing.

Check out these 3 benefits of digital marketing and start building your brand online. Your customers and competitors are online, if you’re not, then you’re at a severe disadvantage.

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Market to your customers where they spend their time


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of building your brand reputation online.

This may include various digital marketing techniques such as email marketing, social media marketing, online paid advertising, blogging, and more.


3 benefits of digital marketing


Effective in building awareness

People are spending more and more time online and if you want your business to get recognition, then you need to spend your time and money advertising online as well.

Being online makes it very easy for you to communicate with your customers, building relationships and earning life-long customers.

Many consumers begin their buying journey with a simple search on Google to check the legitimacy of a business. They’re going check out your website, social media profiles, and reviews on platforms like Google My Business and Yelp.

If your business can’t be found or worse, it is found but inactive, they are likely to conclude that your business is not trustworthy or that you’re not in business anymore.

At this point, you’ve likely lost that potential customer for good.

If your customers can’t find you online then your business isn’t even being considered and if you have a presence, but your competitors are easier to find, you may still be overlooked, no matter how good your products or services are.

This is where Search Engine Optimization and Digital Ads (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.) come into play.

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Online marketing helps develop brand awareness and results are measurable


Cost-effective and measurable

Another excellent advantage of advertising online is that it is measurable.

Online advertising allows you to calculate the exact return on investment from your efforts so you will know which method of advertising is resulting in the most success.

This gives you the ability to make the most of your advertising budget and avoid the shoot and pray method applied when you are using forms of traditional advertising.

With traditional marketing, there is no way to track where your customers found you or what led them to engage with your business. Digital marketing provides data and that data is valuable.

You can also use the data from your online marketing campaigns to learn about your customers. What do they like and which channels do they use most frequently to interact with your business?

With this in mind, you can define your target audience, make changes to your digital marketing plan, and improve your overall digital marketing effectiveness.

Sticky notes on a planning board

Build a plan and execute based on your goals


Improved Customer Interaction

With digital marketing, you can reach people interested in your products and services. You can go as far as to target consumer’s different interests, behaviours, and even other brands they like.

Unlike traditional marketing, you are able to truly know your audience, learn what’s important to them, and then serve them exactly what they’re looking for.

To be effective, a great place to start is to review your competitors to see what they’re doing that is earning them engagement from their audience.

What appears to be working and what isn’t? Do they have a blog? Are they creating frequent video content? Are they engaging in the comment sections on their social media posts?

Then, ask yourself, “how can I use this information to improve my digital marketing campaign and customer interaction?”

When you’re reaching the people that are interested in your business, you’re increasing the chance that they choose you over your competitors.

small business digital marketing connects you to your audience

Digital marketing allows you to show your products and services to the right people


What’s next?

“So, how can I get started?” This is one of the most common questions we receive.

An important place to start is planning. We often see businesses begin by posting on social media here and there or by running seemingly random ads on Facebook.

Although these are both excellent channels for online marketing, without a plan in place, you end up wasting both your time and money.

A plan will help you set some goals and answer some important questions. Who is your target market? What are your objectives? What are the best methods to reach your goals?

For instance, a local business would benefit from using Google My Business, where an online retailer would not benefit in the same capacity.

After setting your goals and building your strategy it’s time to get started.

Need some help? Let’s partner to build and implement a digital marketing strategy for your business!


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